By: Bradley Loves index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


This is just a short post to remind all of my faithful readers that this blog is being written on many levels! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

I want to thank all of you so much for coming here to LOVE TRUTH and for spending your very valuable time on what will eventually be described historically as a MASTERPIECE OF PURE GENIUS! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Now – if you will – please allow me to have a little bit of fun and let’s look into a “Joint Meeting” of the C_A and the NSA index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 while they try desperately to decode today’s posts from LOVE TRUTH… index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Joint Meeting of the C_A and the NSA index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


BIFF: That Blog “LOVE TRUTH” is really giving the higher ups some sleepless nights!  So we’ve really got to come through on today’s posts and try to decode them. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

First – he reposted an older installment of his END GAME series – does anyone have any suggestions as to why he posted Part 14 today? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BOB: Well, it’s actually the 14th of February today – so maybe we should look at the number 14. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

CARL: It’s also Valentines day today – maybe he wanted to send us a Valentines day message. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF:  Yea, but the content of the post is all about Secrecy, Lying, and Subversion – anyone care to comment on THAT? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GROUP: Crickets index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: Well that must be a co-incidence right?  Let’s move on.  I noticed when we compare the older version with the newly updated one, he’s added a few images.  Any thoughts on what they might mean? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BOB: Well he posted new images of a young Jesus Christ, a Guitar, and a meme of Adam Schiff. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF:  Any ideas on the Jesus one?  No, how about the Guitar? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BOB: What kind of guitar is it? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: It’s a damn guitar – what does it matter? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BOB: No – I meant what brand is it? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: This guy is not that smart – he doesn’t get paid like we do!  We’re the smart ones here, not him. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

CARL:  So what about the Adam Schiff meme?  Anyone have a clue on that one? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GEORGE:  What – you mean Adam Schiff’s picture in an Article about the Cosmic Fallout of  Secrecy, Lying, and Subversion?   Uh…, no I can’t say that I can really make the connection there on that one – got nothing! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

CARL: Yea, but his picture wasn’t in the first installment of the original post – couldn’t that possibly MEAN something? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GROUP: Crickets index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BOB: It’s almost like he’s telling us that there is some sort of Cosmic Connection between Adam Schiff’s Secrecy and Lying and Donald Trumps success at being acquitted during the Impeachment Trial. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GROUP: Crickets index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

CARL:  Maybe the Jesus image in the beginning of the post suggests that there is a COSMIC “cause and effect” taking place that we can now see clearly – an effect that was not evident the first time he posted it? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GROUP: Crickets index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: Naw, it can’t be that, what are you smoking – let’s move on.  Did anyone figure out what brand of guitar was in the image? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BOB: It’s a Hohner index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: Anyone ever even heard of a Hohner? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GROUP: Crickets index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: Okay, so the guitar means nothing.  Moving on, why is he updating this particular series, I mean it’s already been written – why rewrite it? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GROUP: Crickets index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

CARL: Hey, maybe we should ask that BIG GUY that we never pay any attention to! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: What – you mean the elephant in the room that we are all sworn to ignore?  That guy? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

CARL:  We’ve got nothing – what could it hurt? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

ELEPHANT: Oh my god – someone finally noticed meeee…., do you know how long I’ve been standing here…?, Do you know how long I’ve waited…?, Do you know how lonely I’ve been…..? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: Don’t let it go to your head Ele, you’re not supposed to be acknowledged, we’ve got orders.  So, you got anything to add to the conversation or not Mr. phant. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

ELEPHANT: Well, it could be that all of the original installments were written to be intentionally vague!  It seems as if he is now cleaning them all up and making them far more clear the second time around and doing so at a much later date – he is also adding completely obvious examples of recent events into the posts as proof that what he said was true all along… index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GROUP:  Crickets index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: Naw, it can’t be that…, damn elephant!  Should never even have acknowledged you! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

ELEPHANT: boo-hoo-hoo index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF:  Okay – we got nothing!  Let’s just tell the higher ups the same story we’ve always told them! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BOB: What – that this guy is totally whacko – insane – and mostly crazy? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: Of course.  That way – we keep getting our paychecks – and he still looks like an asshole!   We look like a bunch of crack code-breakers, and this guy gets the big raspberry. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: Oh, and by the way Carl, turn UP the DEW’s on this guy – he seems to be thinking more clearly these days!  Call up the assets and step up the gang-stalking – uh..,  you know the drill – fuck with his computer – fuck with his phone – just fuck with him in general- etc…, show him just how smart we really are. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Oh and you C_A guys send him a notice from GAB into his e-mail with a cute clown face on it – just to show him we are watching. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BOB: None of that seems to work with this guy! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: Don’t tell that to the higher ups, cuz if we tell them that he can’t be broken, our collective asses will be on the line! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BOB: You mean LIE to them? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BIFF: Of course! Lying is the spice of life…. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트








By: Bradley Loves index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트





I’ve thought a lot about his particular installment of the series, and I am determined to go a bit deeper into Harmonics! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

We’ve now stepped upward into the INTERMEDIATE LEVEL of Harmonics, and sadly you really have barely gotten your feet wet with the tiniest portion of the Introductory Level. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

However, this lesson (I believe) is absolutely necessary at this time because as a reader of LOVE TRUTH – you really need to know this stuff – so here goes. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Please put your thinking caps on full power for this Part of the series, because it is not simple stuff. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



When a musician strikes a string on a guitar or any other stringed instrument, if it is done just right, the other strings of the guitar will also give off their own unique sound as long as they are in SYMPATHY with note that is being being played.   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

In fact, notes that are not even on the instrument can be heard under the right conditions. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

In the music world – this is called: HARMONICS index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Whether you understand it or not, and whether you believe it or not, HARMONICS are the building blocks of ALL events, timelines, and potentials across taking place across REALITY. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

I know this is complex stuff, so please try to keep your wits about you as we jump into the deep end of the pool.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



If the right “note” is struck, the subtle sympathetic harmonic tones immediately cause other “sounds” to occur in tandem which would not have otherwise occurred. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Since all of REALITY is created out of Geometry – which is created by sound – then this is your first clue that one thing that happens in reality has to have an effect upon many other things! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It is in this way that TIME-LINES are messed with. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

EVENTS can be actually be assigned a mathematical value, just like a musical note can be assigned a mathematical value because the “science” of Music/Harmonics/Geometry/Creation are all part of the same over all Cosmic System. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

If the right note, (or event) is plucked, then many other notes will automatically sound off as a result. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트




I can not possibly get into the hows and why’s of every single part of TIMELINE MANIPULATION here, but I will try to give everyone a rudimentary overview of the subject. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Getting down to basics: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


  • Every single act or behavior can be described mathematically, and even played as a musical note. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트
  • Thus, every action or behavior has it’s own HARMONIC. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

SECRECY – which I despise – has a mathematical value and a musical tone of many subsequent harmonics that “must” be put into play each and every single time this “note” is played. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Because SECRECY is quite low on the scale of notes, and sounds like a distortion more than a note – it’s HARMONICS will also be low and quite distorted. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Many other notes, tones, or sounds that are in “sympathy” with SECRECY will automatically be played at the very same moment that the SECRECY note is struck – because we are dealing with the science of:  REALITY CREATION! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It is a very precise and mathematical science! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


SUBVERSION is a very specific “harmonic” of SECRECY because they are in the same family of musical notes. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

(There are many others – but this one is a doozie) index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


This means that in scientific terms – the very moment that the SECRECY note or mathematical value is struck…, the subversion harmonic will always sound instantly as well. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Does this make sense to you? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Try to think of playing on a guitar and getting it to play harmonic tones by striking one of the strings in a certain way. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

By striking just one string, many others will sound off by themselves. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

In COSMIC TERMS – this is the very reason that those who engage in SECRECY will always end up dealing with all kinds of security issues. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


These security issues are directly “created” as a result of the first cause which was playing the mathematical value of secrecy. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The first cause was pluck “secrecy” on the scale of notes, and so the resultant effect is to also have to listen to “subversion” as a HARMONIC OVERTONE of the originally played note. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


LYING – as a musical note, and a mathematical value – has many subsequent harmonics which will be put into play each and every time this particular “note” is played. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Greed, Theft, and Corruption are very specific “harmonics” of LYING – and are actually more like “distortions” than they are actual notes. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Each time the “lying note” is struck, then the harmonic over-tones of greed, theft, and corruption will instantly be activated at the exact SAME MOMENT. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It happens exactly as it does when one plays on a guitar!   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

If you pluck one note – then many others can be heard sounding off at the same time. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


This is why people who engage in the first cause of LYING, will always have to deal with Greed, Theft, and Corruption within their ranks. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It is impossible to strike a “note” and not have the resulting HARMONICS appear immediately as a result.  This is a Natural Law Science.  It is very precise.   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Just like gravity – it follows COSMIC LAW. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


For those of you who are engineers, you will be able to confirm that music is exceptionally mathematical! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

There is much precision and exactness in every single musical note on the musical scale. This is why SOUND is so important to the Universe, important to Magic, and important to Creation! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



“MAGIC” is not very difficult to understand when you deeply respect the sublime nature of the Universe and it’s ULTIMATE CREATOR. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



(Cause and Effect) index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Every single action, (when taken as a musical note) is the first cause, which sets into motion all of the appropriate HARMONICS which will then manifest the various beneficial or harmful effects of that cause. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트





When it comes to the SECRET SHADOW GOVERNMENT, every single action that they take which includes “secrecy” and “lying” directly to the American people – it is like striking musical notes on a stringed instrument which will automatically engage all of the subsequent harmonics. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

There is NO ESCAPE from this. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


It is Natural Law…, and it is purely mathematical. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

When you engage in the mathematical value of DECIET, then you are the creator and the master of all of the subsequent Harmonics that will instantly come forward as an effect. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

You are totally responsible for them according to UNIVERSAL LAW and will be forced to deal with and pay for every single result! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

(ALL OF THEM). index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



This lack of understanding an Ancient Science can be applied to the NEW AGER’S as well.  Every single choice that we make in our lives is like “striking” a musical note. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

DOING NOTHING…, is actually making a choice AND striking a note. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

(Believe it or not). index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Even though many people don’t think so, “inaction” is a very specific note on the musical scale, and striking “that note” consistently will engage all of the various HARMONICS for that “note”. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Discomfort – Disease – and Misery are all specific “harmonic over-tones” of the mathematical value of “non-action”. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Many NEW AGERS have been “conned” into thinking that doing nothing (not judging anything) is a highly spiritual act – but since they lack the Wisdom of the Ages once taught in the Mystery Schools concerning magnetics and harmonics, they fail to see the mathematical precision of Cosmic Law which will never fail to bring them the specific effects of DOING NOTHING. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


If you strike the “note” or “mathematical value” of doing nothing, then one of the many harmonics of that sound that gets instantly played into the ethers as results are the “surrendered acceptance” or the “consent” harmonics. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

If you are viewing countless things happening all around you, and you are consistently doing nothing about any of it, then you are accepting and consenting to all of it. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

However, just a little bit further down the road of surrendered acceptance and consent index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 always comes discomfort, disease, and misery! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Let’s make this really simple for all of you and create an example: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

THE FLOOD OF ACCEPTANCE index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Let us say that You have filled your washing machine with clothes and the washer has malfunctioned during the wash. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

WATER is now pouring out all over the floor. You can SEE that this is HAPPENING. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

You make the “choice” to do nothing about it. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

At that very instant you have “struck” the DOING NOTHING “note” on the musical and mathematical scale. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

As a result of striking that note, all of the DOING NOTHING HARMONICS according to Cosmic Law must come into play. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

These are the harmonics of surrendered acceptance AND consent. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Thus, by “doing nothing” the water that is leaking goes everywhere around your washing machine and ruins your floor, your baseboard, and perhaps your drywall as well as many other things in your home. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

These are the “effects” which will be played out in real time as a manifestation in the harmonics of doing nothing in this example above and will be a direct result of your own decision or FIRST CAUSE! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

This is purely mathematical and can not be “wished away”…, or simply said in New Age lingo: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

THAT IS NOT MY TRUTH. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Sorry New Agers – this is Natural Law. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


BE CAREFUL OF THE REAL SCIENCE OF HARMONICS index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It really is my deepest desire for everyone reading my blog – including New Agers – to start to wake up to the CON that they have given themselves over to, but I am not having much luck as of yet. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Channeled Messages are very addictive, and give the people who read them lots of hope.  But just like any DRUG that makes you feel good temporarily, when the DRUG wears off, you are left even worse off than you were before. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Sadly, New Agers keep running back for MORE of the channeling drug, and are so addicted to the “fix” at this point a direct intervention is the only way to get them off of the drug. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Channeled messages (even though they give hope) can be very damaging because they are filled with FAKE teachings, FAKE science, and ultimately FAKE NEWS. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



A big thanks to all of my readers for paying attention today, I know the lesson was complicated and I will not go any deeper into HARMONICS today because this is a lot to digest. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Please read this a few times to let it sink in. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Stay tuned for Part Fifteen index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

All my love index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


By: Bradley Loves index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


As many of you know – the “state” of Utah is the home of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – aka THE MORMONS. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

What many of you do NOT know is that Utah is now one of the largest and biggest manufacturers of huge “SPACE SHIPS” that are being used in the Secret Space Program! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Most of the huge interstellar craft that are currently being manufactured in America and placed into orbit – are being manufactured underground in UTAH – the “home” of Mitt Romney! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Millions of “Mormon” workers are deeply involved in this monumental endeavor, because a big part of their Mormon faith is a willingness to keep secrets and therefore they are NOT disposed to tell the rest of the world what they are doing! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

As we speak – President Trump is working very hard to bring the Secret Space Program under HIS control! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Mitt R0mney – and the entire state of Utah – is hugely benefiting financially from the Secret Space Program and the incomprehensible secrecy that surrounds the building of huge space ships that no one in America is even allowed to know about! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

So the real question on my mind is this: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

How much of Mitt Romney’s “decision” to impeach President Trump was based on his “Mormon Faith” that says he had to follow in order to do the “right thing”…. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

…and how much of it was based upon the TRILLION DOLLAR SECRET SPACE PROGRAM INDUSTRY that brings so much hidden money and wealth into the state of Utah – that the amount can not honestly be comprehended by normal Americans? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


What no one has bothered to ask – because they have no clue that it even exists – is what would happen if President Trump was trying very hard to expose the Secret Space Program – bring it under his control – and end all of the secrecy? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

  • Would the virtual MONOPOLY that Utah has on building all of these secret ships END?   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트
  • If it did end – what would happen to the BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of dollars currently flowing into the state of Utah that are hidden and off the books? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트
  • Was Mitt Romney’s decision MORE about money and dollars than about his Mormon Faith? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트
  • Did he LIE? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트
  • Does he personally BENEFIT – from the countless Dollars coming into the State of Utah that are hidden and off the books? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트
  • Was he being “honest” about his faith – or was it ALL – and I mean every single bit of his decision concerning Trump’s impeachment about MONEY  – TRILLIONS OF SECRET DOLLARS – and nothing more? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트
  • Who is Mitt Romney really? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Why is it very suddenly (out of the blue) being suggested that the “PERFECT POLITICAL TICKET” for the 2020 election would be a “John Kerry/Mitt Romney” ticket where Kerry is a Democrat and Romney is a Republican? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

They are calling it “THE UNITY TICKET” – but what kind of “Unity” are we talking about? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

  • Well “who” is John Kerry – and what is HIS connection to the Secret Space Program? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트
  • What is he REALLY into – and if Mitty Romney is being suggested as his running mate – what does Romney really know as well? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

THE GREAT CON OF MAN – THE END GAME – PART THIRTEEN index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



  • The MORE you know….. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

















By: Bradley Loves index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Young Jesus planning the Next Stage of Creation for Humanity. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


“THEY” only attack those who are the most “loving” and the most “caring”. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Why would a man who has everything – give up a very comfortable life just to become the President? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Could it be that he saw PURE EVIL coming forth and decided to do something about it? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Never be afraid to speak the TRUTH!   Never worry about those who attack you for speaking the TRUTH!   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Instead worry about what EVIL THINGS will happen if you do not speak the TRUTH. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The LOVE and SUPPORT from real Americans will always be there for those who CARE about their lives and their future!  Never doubt that you are making a difference! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


The “future” belongs to those who speak the TRUTH!  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

All others will wish they had NEVER BEEN BORN! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트







By: Bradley Loves index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Primary last night.   He will NOT win the Democratic Nomination!  Not because he can’t get the votes – but because he will not be “allowed” to. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Let’s face it, the Democratic Party Bosses will not let that happen! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Even if Bernie came to the convention with every single delegate…, the Party Super Delegates would simply “elect” another candidate, just like they did last time! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

I actually felt very sorry for all of the young men and women standing at Bernie’s “Victory Party” and waving their “Bernie” banners.   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It was their moment, and their night, and yet I knew in my gut that at the VERY TOP of the Democratic Party – the Party Bosses were already sitting in some “smoke filled back room” and plotting his demise! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

And the strangest part about this “knowing” – is that it will be HIS OWN PARTY that does it to him…, NOT the Republican Party! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

I’m certain that Donald Trump would love to run a fair and honest race against Bernie Sanders on the Issues!   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

But – in that race – half of the Democrats in America would end up voting for Donald Trump and he would win the Presidency for a second term in a landslide victory so large – it would never happen again in history. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Strangely – even guys like Chris Matthews of MSNBC – would have no other choice but to vote for Trump – and he HATES Trump! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

No – that will not happen because Bernie will be thrown UNDER THE BUS by his own people – AGAIN! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

But the “young people” singing an dancing as a result of his victory are just not “old enough” to know how things really work here in America! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

As Bernie’s “people” chanted at their victory rally in New Hampshire – I yelled at them on the TV: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL FOOLS! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Hell would have to freeze over first – and right now that place is burning pretty dang hot! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Well folks – here is where the rubber meets the road in the NEWS WORLD and for the first time in history – you will clearly be able to see just WHICH JOURNALIST out there is a real journalist – one who is willing to actually tell you the “God’s honest truth” and which ones are  just going to “pretend” they don’t know that this is the way it is going to go down. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Thankfully, there is one place in the entire world – Here at LOVE TRUTH – you are going to get exactly that – THE TRUTH.   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

And I am telling you – and every single News Anchor worth their salt knows that I am right – Bernie will not be allowed to get the Democratic Nomination.   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

So which Main Stream News Anchor has the cahones to actually say that? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

I wonder if Sean Hannity 0r Laura Ingraham has it in them to just actually come out and say what they already must know in their hearts? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



The Democratic Party Apparatus at the very top will never allow it!   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

I was watching the returns on TV with a few friends and we ended up giggling at the end because we all KNEW that somewhere in some back room – the leaders of Bernie’s OWN PARTY were already planning his unfortunate demise. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

So – how do you think they are going to get rid of Bernie?” was the question floating around the room.   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

We let our minds run wild with speculations as to HOW the Democratic Party Bosses were going to do him in! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

We thought about them dropping him out of an airplane (accidentally) or sending him to China for a week (to Wuhan) or simply dropping a trail of banana peels on every staircase that he had to climb. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Well they can’t just “steal” the Primary from him at the Convention – they did that LAST TIME!   It’s been done already – it would be too obvious!  – we argued and then quickly agreed. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


So how are “THEY” going to take him out then?  We were undecided. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Suddenly the Voting DEBACLE at Iowa made total sense!   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BERNIE had actually won that Caucus too – and through blaming a strange inability to count the votes – something that has never happened in the history of voting in America – they managed to stall the highly embarrassing outcome for their party – and hoped that things would be very different in New Hampshire! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Well – they were not! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Joe Biden – supposedly the Democratic front runner – lost in New Hampshire so badly – that he left the State in a disgusted huff!   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Joe Biden Delivers Gaffe-Ridden, Defiant Message After New Hampshire Blowout index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


He placed in an abysmal 5th place there with only 8 percent of the vote. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Then you have CNN and MSNBC asking themselves “What Happened” and how Biden could have lost so badly when all the polls had him leading –  and I found myself yelling at the TV screen once again saying – index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


He was NEVER that popular – and he was always losing in reality – the “Polls” were simply not being done honestly and they were being HIGHLY manipulated by Party Bosses and then passed out as “accurate” by the lying – LAME STREAM MEDIA! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The “actual” voting in Iowa and now in New Hampshire proves it! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

PUT A “FORK” IN JOE BIDEN – HE IS DONE! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


However, on to more pressing things!   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

As a public service – someone should actually inform the Bernie Voters that there are “powers” in this country that are far more powerful than their “honest vote” when it comes to putting a real SOCIALIST (aka COMMUNIST) into the White House! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Will the MEDIA do it?   Or am I the only one that has the guts to be that honest? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Nope – not one of the Main Stream News Media Anchors has the cahones to be THAT BRUTALLY HONEST with their viewers! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

So once again – that is why LOVE TRUTH exists on the internet – and why it falls to me – a mere carpenter – who DOES NOT EVEN GET PAID TO WRITE  – to have to tell everyone THE TRUTH! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Meanwhile the very highly paid – one million dollar per month salaried talking heads – will completely ignore that FACT that Bernie’s campaign is a train that is very quickly going NOWHERE!   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It is a “dead campaign walking”… index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Because when it comes time for the Bernie train to finally pull into the station – there won’t be a station for it to pull into! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Logical Thinking: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

If the Democratic Party Bosses allow Bernie to get the nomination – then they would have to cast their own votes for the guy they just tried to impeach in order to save Wall Street – the Stock Market – and their Global Banking System! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Remember these people are RICH ELITES and they don’t want socialism either! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Which is why – Mike Bloomberg is already waiting in the wings! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

They picked another “old white guy” – who is a Billionaire – and is everything that the Democrats say they hate – but secretly support – as their hero – (just not in the form of Donald Trump). index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


So when Bernie Sanders comes to the Democratic Convention on July 13th in Milwaukee with most of the Delegates – it will be what is called a “Brokered Convention” with the SUPER DELEGATES suddenly and miraculously once again (for the second time in four years) nixing all of the votes of the regular democratic delegates and handing the nomination over to Mike Bloomberg – who will most likely then choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Sorry all of you hopeful Democratic Voters – you just don’t “get” your own party as well as the rest of us do! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

You see – we haven’t stuck our heads in the LIBERAL FANTASY SAND – with fantasies of: “Trans-gender” – “Abortion” – “Climate Change” – “Personal Pronouns” – “Socialism” – “Identity Politics” and other “DELUSIONS”  to blind us to facts! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

We all still live in the real world – where we can see REALITY – and so – we can clearly see where this is all going and YOU CAN’T – because you drank some sort of strange Kool-Aid! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Well so much for Bernie Sanders and his short lived victory party in the Democratic Party.  He will not be getting a nomination in July!   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

But how that actually happens without anyone getting “wise” to the operation is still a mystery! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

And THAT my dear readers – is why Democratic Party Bosses had a “Sleepless Night”. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



UNIVERSAL index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 “PUNISHMENT” FOR index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 COSMIC CRIMES IS A VERY REAL THING – “HUNTED” index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 FOR “ALL OF ETERNITY” index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


GOD SEES ALL OF IT… index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

THE FIRES OF “HELL” ARE VERY REAL….. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트





BAD COP – index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

An Agent of the Secret Space Program/Military/Deep State who has access to super advanced MIND CONTROL/MK ULTRA TECHNOLOGY. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

This is someone who uses this technology to upload/reprogram a human beings mind like what occurs during TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL.  Only in this type of programming/re-programming, it is done through the “NO TOUCH” approach by using “broadcast” technologies ONLY! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GOOD COP – index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

A normal guy or gal, who (for all practical purposes) becomes a “useful idiot” to the BAD COPS. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

This type of COP has no clue about the Secret Space Program – Mind Control – Programming Techniques – the Secret Military or the Deep State, and knows nothing about NO TOUCH TORTURE. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

This COP still lives in the days of “ADAM 12” and thinks that the “Space Shuttle” is the best Space Vehicle that the world has ever seen and produced! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

This COP has dedicated his or her life toward finding all of the “bad guys” that are out there – while “BAD COP” is actually and willingly an integral part of the Illuminati’s world wide scum patrol who needs and loves to torment innocent men and women who are standing in the way of the Illuminati Agenda of a NEW WORLD ORDER and who’s only job is to try to get them INTO JAIL! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트





BAD COP/GOOD COP index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BAD COP gets private military contractors (private detectives and/or black water style mercinaries) to start using (DEW’s) – Directed Energy Weapons, as well as Synthetic Telepathy and/or VOICE Of GOD technology to very secretly begin tormenting the MIND of a specific target! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Many times these “targets” are very kind hearted and spiritual people who simply can not be corrupted!  Because they can NOT be bribed, corrupted, or “dirtied” in the normal ways – their MINDS are directly HACKED (very painfully I might add) and they are simply “re-programmed” in such a way so as all they can THINK ABOUT are dark and devaint thoughts! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Their ONLY crime was that they were/are standing in the way of the DEEP STATES takeover of America and the WORLD!   Thus they become “Targets”! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

After many days- weeks or months of actually speaking directly into the mind of the target and tempting/prodding/goading/threatening the TARGET to do something bad, and it fails, BAD COP next uses a very special type of technology that came out of SAP’s (Special Access Programs) which was gotten directly from the GRAYS and which can actually INSERT a fully developed Program into the Astral Body of the Target! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


By-passing the TARGETS God given freewill…, BAD COP simply places fully developed images, ideas, and thoughts directly into the Targets Mind, “forcing” the TARGET to view these ideas as fully developed thoughts over and over and over again until they succumb to them! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

These “thoughts”, many of which have been pre-recorded onto flash drives or memory sticks as certain specific waves and frequencies that correspond to the very thoughts being uploaded, are exactly the same type of coded language which the brain can easily interpret. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

These thoughts were pre-recorded from: KILLERS – MURDERERS – RAPISTS – and PEDOPHILES – and the worst kind of scum living on Earth who have already been put into prison. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BAD COP continues to “broadcast” these very dark thoughts 24/7  for days/weeks/months – directly into the MIND of the innocent victim until the target is so tormented, and so exhausted he or she finally has no choice but to either “act” on the thoughts – or be DRIVEN INSANE BY THEM! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BAD COP is very closely monitoring the situation the entire time! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BAD COP loves watching the torture he or she is giving to the target!  BAD COP watches as the TARGET finally starts to act on the thoughts that have been uploaded!! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BAD COP laughs! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


AT THIS POINT – BAD COP notifies GOOD COP! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BAD COP calls up GOOD COP and acts so professional and so nice! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BAD COP’S performance is Academy Award Material! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BAD COP has “information” for GOOD COP about a serious offender who needs to be looked at, or put under legal Surveilance! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BAD COP claims he’s “stumbled” into some important information but does not have time to follow up on it!   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

He hands over the “TARGET” to GOOD COP! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GOOD COP (and team) now sets up surveilance of the TARGET, and low and behold, just like BAD COP said – GOOD COP finds that the “TARGET” is now engaged in deviant and illegal activity! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Whatever the illegal activity happens to be – GOOD COP sees that it is happening, and arrests the TARGET! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BAD COP laughs his entire ass off for days knowing that it was HE who was using top secret super advanced BROADCAST WEAPONRY designed to hack the MIND in order to actually set up the TARGET and very literally and inhumanely forced the TARGET into this type of activity in the first place! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

MUCH TIME PASSES –  millions of innocent men and women (who refuse to do the bidding of the SATANISTS and of the New World Order are “set up” in this way.  Private contractors and mercinaries are working over time!   They are setting up millions of people! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

These innocent men and women (and even children) all end up in prison complaining of hearing “voices in their heads”. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

They complain of having horrible – demonic dreams, and super devaint and hateful thoughts!  They complain of being unable to get rid of these thoughts that are very strangely now coming into their heads! (Which never used to happen) index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The PRISON gets a psychiatrist to severely medicate the countless inmates who have been set up in this way so that they can finally sleep. This only helps a little bit however because the thoughts are now so ingrained and programmed into their MINDS  – the TARGETS can not get rid of them! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Their minds are like a record that has had entirely “new grooves” burned into it, and will no longer play in the way that it used to play! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



REVENGE IS “MINE”SAYETH THE LORD…. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Now millions of people are old and are simply dying.   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The TARGETS die, the GOOD COPS die, and the BAD COPS die!    index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Everyone dies and enters into the “here-after”…. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GOD SAW IT ALL!     HE WATCHED EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


To GOD, there is NO GREATER CRIME than mind control! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

God casts BOTH “Bad Cop” and “Good Cop” directly into HELL for all Eternity! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

He then takes the innocent SOUL creation that was so unfairly tormented and tortured directly into Heaven by carrying that SOUL in his loving arms and speaking softly to him or her. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

JUSTICE IS FINALLY SERVED! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Now, you may ask – how is it “fair” that GOOD COP gets thrown into HELL with BAD COP? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It is because GOOD COP was too damn stupid to LOOK CAREFULLY into the nature of what kind of REAL TECHNOLOGY is now available and being used during his life as a COP. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Good Cop loved “catching” the bad guys – but was way too easily influenced by BAD COP, and ended up being a useful tool or useful idiot for something that was PURE EVIL on the face of the Earth! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It was GOOD COPS own actions that finished the evil destruction of the innocent TARGETS life!  Good Cop was complicit in the total destruction of the lives of millions of innocent people who Jesus Christ and GOD our Father LOVED DEARLY! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Good Cop destroyed what GOD LOVED MOST! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It was Good Cop who actually arrested the TARGET after BAD COP had tortured him or her for months! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It was GOOD COP that saw to it that an innocent and very tortured/tormented human being went to JAIL! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

And all because the DEEP STATE – the Illuminati – the Satanists wanted a “New World Order! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GOOD COP is most certainly going to HELL! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

And so also are all of the men and women who use VOICE OF GOD/VOICE TO SKULL TECHNOLOGY on innocent and loving human beings! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GOOD COP was too naive’ to get educated and to find out what kind of technology was actually out there in the world and specifically in the sweaty little hands of “BAD COP” – a man (or woman) who just LOVED to torture people for a paycheck! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GOOD COP is going straight to HELL – because he (or she) didn’t CARE ENOUGH to QUESTION EVERYTHING and to LOOK DEEPER! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

GOOD COP should have DEMANDED that his or her superiors tell them the ENTIRE TRUTH about everything that is going on out there in the world INCLUDING all of the super advanced technology now in use by the DEEP STATE! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

A GOOD COP QUESTIONS EVERYTHING! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트










Source: rlighthouse.com index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



Everyone is being Tracked index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Everyone in the United States is being tracked with Satellite Microwave pulses – directed at your head.  This is not a joke.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Subliminal messaging at 450 MHz  and also using index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트US PATENT 5,289,438 –METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ALTERING CONSCIOUSNESS, according to Dr Paul Batcho. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Place your hand FIRMLY on the top-back part of your head, and hold it for 60 seconds.  You will begin to feel the “pops” and pulses on your knuckles.  The top of your hand will begin to “tingle.”  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



Download File


Download File



Flyers for Public Distribution – please place them on car windshields & tape to front doors. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Interview with Dr Katherine Horton, Physics Professor from Oxford University, where we discuss the microwave satellite tracking, Oct 2018: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Interview with Kerry Cassidy, Feb 2019 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


If you do not feel the microwave pulses, try placing your forearm over the top-back part of your head  – you will feel the pulses about once each second.  You can also wet your hair and sit for 10 minutes.  There will be a 3 inch circular area,  on the top-back part of your head, that will dry very fast, because it is being hit with microwave heating. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The constant microwaves cause “ringing in the ears” or tinnitus, in many people. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


The USAF Space Command at Schriever Air Force Base operates the satellites and the CIA in Denver provides the funding for this illegal program.  Satellite tracking frequencies are 3600 – 3750 MHz.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The microwaves cause brain damage.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The President of the United States and most Congressmen do not know about this illegal program. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor for the GPS satellites.  Three companies designed and built the latest NavStar satellite tracking and targeting system for the USAF – Exelis Geospatial (Rochester, NY) and Lockheed Martin Space Systems (Littleton, CO). index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Raytheon is designing the new Operational Control system for ground controllers.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Make no mistake – this is a military weapon system that is being directed at every person in the United States. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The CIA is also using subliminal messaging as part of this effort, in an attempt to control or manipulate the entire population. This is not a joke. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

It is not a conspiracy theory. There is real court evidence to support this information.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Two FBI agents have provided sworn affidavits that this program is real – Ted Gunderson and Geral Sosbee (SosbeeVFBI.com).   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

21 medical doctors have confirmed these microwave weapons are real, and being directed at civilians.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Also see the recent “sonic” attacks on the Cuban diplomats – these are also microwave weapons according to Dr Douglas Smith, MD and Dr Beatrice Golomb, MD. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Every cell tower within two miles is being used to “ping” your location and hit you with subliminal messages, 24 hours each day. The satellite GPS coordinates are transferred from Schriever Air Force Base, and use digital beam forming to hit you with a focused microwave “bullet”.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

This technology can hit thousands of people each second from one, 5G antenna. This is the real reason that the Deep State wants the 5G antennas installed everywhere index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트.


Microwave “bullets” (approx 0.5″ DIA) are directed at your head from cell towers.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

To prove it – hold your hand out, level with your head, and your palm facing you.  Slowly turn through a full circle and feel the pulses and “pops” on your finger joints.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Sometimes, it will feel like a pressure or tingling on the back of your fingers.   index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

These microwave “bullets” are coming from cell towers and they are directed at your head  –  24/7.  Frequencies used are usually 2300 – 2600 MHz.  index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The subliminal messages are carried at approx. 450 MHZ (Patent # 5289438) index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트 index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

See the handout for more information. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


Interview with Dr Katherine Horton, Physics Professor from Oxford University – Oct 2018: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



Dr Bill Deagle, M.D.  –  My experience at Schriever Air Force Base: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

(Underground Cities) index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트




Source: anewspost.com



Corey Feldman Needs 24hr Security As He Prepares To Release Film Exposing Hollywood Child Abusers index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트



Feldman has been working on the project for a few years now, and says that he has had trouble finding platforms to host or produce the film, because all of the studios are tied in with Hollywood and not willing to rock the boat. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

He also says that he has received numerous threats after he announced that he was going to be working on the project. The project has been so controversial because Feldman has promised to drop the names of some of the most notorious child abusers in the industry. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Feldman claims that he has been the target of several violent attacks over the past few years since he announced the film. In one case, the former child star was rushed to the hospital after he was stabbed with a foreign object while he was sitting in his car at a stop light. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

He has referred to the group who is trying to silence him as the “wolfpack.” Feldman also said that he has also been receiving a large volume of threatening calls, emails and messages on social media. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트










By: Bradley Loves index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트




“You” are a target!   You have always been a target!   The exact part of you that is the biggest target – is your MIND! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Controlling what you think, and controlling what you believe, is paramount for those who wish to control the world and thus control this “reality” that we are living in! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The CLIMATE HOAX is just one of the latest moves by the Globalist Controllers to “con” you and to “fool” you and to thus CONTROL YOU! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

The fact that “they” have arranged to have a 16 year old girl do all of their their talking for them shows you just how desperate “they” are at this point! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

How does it feel to be played – bamboozled – hoodwinked – and taken for a ride by a child? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

BBC to Partner with Greta Thunberg for (Another) TV Climate Series


This young “film flam” artist is being paid and “managed” to bring you a story that will hopefully “con you” and “convince you” that the CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX” is something very real and is something that you must pay attention to! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

And the BBC – the British Broadcasting Network that employed Jimmy Saville for years and during the time of his employ hid hundreds and hundreds of cases of Child Rape and Child Molestation by British Government Officials is now up to it’s old tricks once again and is PUSHING CLIMATE CHANGE as the real deal! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Honestly the BBC could not tell the real deal if the real deal was standing right in front of them! index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

Right here was the REAL DEAL – and the BBC apparently could not figure out the Epic Planetary Danger that this single man posed to countless young children who were brutalized by him. index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

So…, the question then is this: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

In what world, or in what reality does the BBC have any power or authority to claim to be telling us the “truth” now? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

If they missed something as EPIC as Jimmy Saville – right under their noses – and looked the other way – then how can they be right about something as sketchy and ambiguous as climate change? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


What “story” should we run on the BBC today boys?   Hey how about Climate Change Again?   It’s so subtle that no one could ever prove us wrong!!    Sounds GREAT John we’ll be famous – But you know – I keep feeling there is something a little closer to home that we should be talking about!  I’m not sure, but maybe we’re missing something important? index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


BBC – the most ” rusted” name in News index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트




See the two very important articles below: index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트

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As always – THINK BIGGER & LOOK DEEPER index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트


THINK BIGGER – LOOK DEEPER – THE SERIES index.html|유흥|오피가이드|부달|업소사이트